Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Cast

Our wonderful cast is made up Gordon College undergraduates, with help from a few recent (mostly very recent) grads. Many of these students participated in our 2006 production of The Doctor in Spite of Himself; Baritone Kreigh Knerr as Valère, Tenor Dustin Juliano as Lucas, Bass Stephen Humeston as Géronte, Soprano Jennica Serra sang in the chorus, Soprano Ellen Sawyer played in the orchestra, and Mezzo-soprano Amy Fichera served as stage manager. Go here to see how these characters fit into the story. Go here to see the cast in action.

Sganarelle, a woodcutter:Kreigh Knerr, '09
Martine, his wife:Jennica Serra, '08
Géronte, a wealthy man:Stephen Humeston, '06
Lucinde, his daughter:Ellen Sawyer, '08
Léandre, her true love:Dustin Juliano, '08
Jacqueline, Géronte's nurse:Amy Fichera, '08
Lucas, Jacqueline's husband:Chris Zini, '10
Valère, Géronte's servant:Nate Haywood, '10
Robert, a neighbor:David Allen, '09


Catherine Hawkins
Christine Houlette
Bethany Persenaire
Evelynn Sawyer

David Allen
James Cassell
German Disla
Jakub Matczynski

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