Friday, August 22, 2008

Doctor Karaoke #3: Jacqueline's Song

[UPDATE: The audio and video for this karaoke have been greatly improved, now featuring our own Amybeth Fichera singing and me banging away too loudly at the piano. Here's the older, harder-to-read version.]

Gounod's The Doctor in Spite of Himself is part of the French comic opera tradition that would inspire Gilbert and Sullivan to enter the world of musical theater. In fact, I just read on the always reliable Wikipedia that, in bringing Mr. G and Mr. S together, Richard D'Oyly Carte "hoped that English light operas would supplant the badly translated and bawdy French operettas that dominated the London stage." Well, our show is not too bawdy (although the "doctor" does chase the nurse around a bit), and we also hope it's not badly translated since I did the translating. As I've already mentioned, one of the reasons I took on the project is that the 19th century translations I'd found were unsatisfactory. However, I'm too lazy to go find my own G&S, so I just tried to make a better English translation.

Anyway, the aforementioned nurse (Jacqueline) first comes on the scene to chide her boss, the wealthy GĂ©ronte, for insisting that his daughter marry a rich man. In one of the most Gilbert & Sullivanesque tunes of the show, she offers this bit of wisdom in song:

Apologies for the hard-to-read text and the canned soundtrack [Both have since been improved]. Hopefully I'll get a chance to improve both, but it had been too long since a new karaoke option had been posted. Consider following the words as part of the challenge in taking on this otherwise very singable song.

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Anonymous said...

HA! Not to be cocky, but that is better than the aforementioned (vapors) clip. =P